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Columbia Electrical Panel Services

Reliable Electrical Panel Repairs & Upgrades

electrical panels - Columbia, SC - Picture of electrical panel Your electrical panel is the main hub which electricity must go through to enter your home. While most electrical systems can work for years without a problem, there will come a time eventually when your system needs to be replaced. There is a wide range of problems which can affect your electrical panel, including faulty circuit breaker panels, circuit overload, miswiring, and more. If you have begun to notice the symptoms of a problematic electrical panel, you should not ignore them.

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Troubleshooting Your Electrical Panel

Having an effectively working electrical panel is not only essential to the operation of your home but for you and your family’s safety as well. Although most electrical panels are built to last for decades, it is possible that your electrical demands or other factors may be too much for your existing electrical panel. An upgrade or replacement may be necessary. If your home is showing any of the signs of a faulty electrical system, it is important that you call your Columbia electrician for help and to have your electrical panel checked.

A few of the symptoms that your electrical panel needs repairs or upgrade include:

  • Flickering lights or lights that turn off
  • Not being able to use more than one appliance at one time
  • Melted electrical wires
  • Burn or scorch marks
  • Visible sparks or arcing
  • Corrosion on your electrical panel
  • Humming noises

Schedule a Main Electrical Panel Inspection

Whether you are concerned about the risks of an electrical fire or simply want to upgrade your electrical panel for peace of mind, an inspection is the first step. At Steadfast Electric, we can perform a thorough inspection to determine whether your electrical panel is safe. If we find any problems or warning signs, we can provide you with an affordable solution.

Give us a call today at (803) 626-5530 to speak with an electrician about your electrical panel services in Columbia. We also serve residents in Lexington, Irmo, Champman, and Yacht Cove.