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Solar Panel Troubleshooting in Columbia

We Can Tackle All Types of Solar Panel Issues

Having your solar panel malfunction can be stressful, no matter how long you've had it. While there may be some issues you have learned how to fix safely, there are others which should always be handled by a trained professional. Our electricians at Steadfast Electric can help you troubleshoot your solar panel system and allow it to get back to generating clean electricity.

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Reasons Why Your Solar Panels Are Malfunctioning

Thankfully, solar panels are incredibly resilient and meant to stand the test of time. However, they are not perfect and even without moving parts, can lead to a problem once in a while. With extensive training and experience, we know how to inspect, diagnose, and resolve virtually every type of issue which a solar energy system may have.

A few examples of the most common solar panel issues include:

  • Inverter failures
  • Panel cracks
  • Loose connections
  • Torn connections
  • Panel blockages
  • Battery disconnections
  • Battery malfunctions
  • Installation slippages​​​​​​

Do You Own Your Own Solar Energy System?

Many people do not own their own solar energy systems and instead lease, which means that the 3rd party is responsible for the repairs. However, if you own your own solar energy system, you will be responsible for maintenance and repairs. Fortunately, most solar installations are backed by warranties and protected by strict performance guidelines. Each warranty is different, but our Columbia electrician can help you determine if the services you need are covered by your warranty or service agreement.

Whatever the case may be, our Columbia solar panel experts at Steadfast Electric is here to help. We want to ensure that your system is fixed in a timely manner and that you can resume living a clean, green life.

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