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đź’ˇSave Up To 90% With LED Lighting Solutions!đź’ˇ

LED Lighting Retrofit in Columbia

Save Money & Reduce Energy Consumption For Your Business 

Switching out your current lighting with LED lighting can help your business save money. Your business can save as much as 90% on the cost of electricity with LED lighting in Columbia, SC.

LED Lighting solutions are being widely and rapidly adopted across the Columbia, SC area in a wide variety of businesses including everything from industrial buildings to retail and office spaces.

Led Lighting Retrofit - Commercial

Investing in LED lighting is a smart business decision. LED lighting lasts significantly longer than traditional lighting. Although there is a higher upfront cost, the saving on energy and maintenance will save your business more money over the long term.

Steadfast will help you locate the areas within your business that will yield the fastest return on your investment into LED lighting. Steadfast utilizes a proven energy audit, savings report and multi-phase retrofit program to provide the best lighting solution for your business.

With Steadfast’s LED lighting retrofits, it usually only takes 1-2 years to recoup your investment. The ROI of your LED retrofit can be 10-15x your original investment within 10 years.

Are you interested in a quote? Contact us at (803) 626-5530 to request more information. We service businesses throughout Columbia, Lexington, Irmo, Chapman, and Yacht Cove.

The reason to switch to LED lighting is their energy-efficiency, maintenance savings, and their long life span. Steadfast will work with your business to come up with the best LED lighting solution based on your specific needs and applications.

As a specialty LED Lighting provider, Steadfast Electric focuses on providing products and solutions for high-lighting volume applications including:


  • Parking garage lighting
  • Parking lot lighting
  • Outdoor ground lighting
  • Exterior Building Wall Pack Lighting
  • Canopy lighting (gas stations, banks, retail)


  • Stairwell lighting
  • High Bay lighting (warehouse, distribution, manufacturing convention centers, big box retail, gymnasiums, fitness centers)
  • Low Bay lighting (retail, general offices)