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Outlet Installation & Repair in Columbia

Upgrading & Replacing Your Outlets & Light Switches

Outlets and switches - Columbia, SC - Woman turning on electrical switch Having working outlets and switches is an essential part of any operating household or property. These components are essential for your everyday activities and are no longer as much of a convenience as they are a necessity. If you have concerns about the safety of your outlets and switches or believe their operation may be compromised, Steadfast Electric can help. You can rely on our experienced Columbia electricians to evaluate your electrical system and give you peace of mind that your components are safe and efficient.

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Protecting Your Family’s Safety

Outlets and switches that are outdated or damaged in some way can lead to serious problems within your electrical system. Regardless of whether you want to upgrade to enjoy the benefits of new electrical technology or you are worried that one of your electrical components is at risk, we are here to help.

A few benefits of outlet and switch upgrade or replacement include:

  • Higher energy efficiency
  • Increased safety
  • Reduced power outages
  • Reduced light flickering
  • Power enhancement​​​​​

Do I Need GFCI or AFCI Outlets?

GFCI and AFCI outlets are two distinct types of outlets which have been constructed for specific purposes. Each one is designed to help prevent very specific electrical problems and must be installed in the right places. GFCI outlets are designed to monitor the electrical current. If something is wrong, the GFCI outlet is supposed to detect it and turn off the flow of electricity, such as in the bathroom where water could get near an outlet. AFCI outlets are designed to detect warning signs of heat and shut themselves off to prevent short circuits or fire risk.

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